Other Data Management Services

Many projects will just need a single, well designed REDCap Database to enter the data, but we can also help with more complicated data management plans.  Our experienced team can help with projects of any size, from importing a spreadsheet into a new database, to working with data sets of many terabytes.  We have extensive experience of working with legacy datasets/databases and with multi-centre studies needing a central data collection point.


Data Management Plans and Data Storage

We can help develop bespoke data management plans for your projects.  All our software and data storage solutions are hosted on  centrally managed systems within the University.   Data are stored securely and with proper backup and centralised storage means valuable research data is not potentially lost when staff or students leave.

Please feel free to chat to us at your grant application stage, when we can help with wording and put together individual costings, based on your needs.

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 XNAT is a medical imaging data storage system, which is quickly becoming the standard academic imaging platform. It’s a flexible system, capable of receiving data direct from collaborating centres using a browser-based interface, meaning users need no advanced IT skills.  Using XNAT automatically brings QC and archiving to your project, while the inbuilt viewer and easy integration with processing pipelines will speed up and simplify analyses. 

£400 per year  + storage costs

Data Access Portal

For sharing Open Data and Managed Access Data

The Data Access Portal is a way to share open research data with the world. It allows you upload entire datasets including large datasets such as imaging data or small datasets such as questionnaire data. Datasets can be totally open so anyone can download them, or have managed access which requires approval before they can be downloaded. Prices to host and share data on the portal will depend on the size of the datasets to be uploaded.

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